MCA Clinic Expansion Fundraiser

Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is pleased to announce that we will be expanding our treatment room area this summer! If you have been in on a busy evening or a Saturday lately, you have probably noticed that our room is filling up and chair options are limited. We recently had the opportunity to absorb another small room that is located right next to our small back room. Our plan is to bring down some of the walls in this area to make it more cohesive and offer a better flow throughout the treatment area. With more chairs in our space we will be able to continue to be flexible with time, letting each patient rest as long as they would like. We are also planning on adding an additional lift chair for patients who need a little assistance getting in and out of a recliner.

We plan on starting construction for this project this summer but don't worry, most of the work will take place around our regular hours so we don't anticipate much of an interruption to our schedule.

MCA is sustained by a high volume of low cost payments and we are hoping to raise a portion of the funds needed to complete our construction project and furnish our new area with the same idea, by our community! Please consider making a small (or large) tax deductible donation to help - we have several ways you can donate:

At the Reception desk
When you checkout consider adding an extra $1-5 that will go towards the project

On our Website
Our online store now has donation amounts between $5-$50.
Donate your Stuff
If you have extra recliners in good working condition or small tables or end tables please consider donating them to make the new space more cozy.

Buy Raffle Tickets
We are organizing a raffle with great prizes, stay tuned!