Acupuncture treatments are offered at $15-40 per session. There is an additional $10 consultation fee at the first visit. You decide what you will pay with no questions asked and no income verification. Often, when people begin treatment, they need to come in 2 or 3 times a week until the symptoms are under control. This is just one of the reasons we leave the decision up to you. Our highest priority is for you to get results, and that means we need to get the pins in you! Acupuncture works great if people can afford regular treatments.

Herbal consultations are offered at no extra charge if you are getting acupuncture and can be incorporated into your treatment. Herbal consultations without acupuncture are offered on a sliding scale of $15-40. The cost of the herbal formula typically runs between $8-16. 

Medicaid does not cover acupuncture services in Wisconsin, but if you are enrolled in Medicaid and would find it helpful to pay less than $15/visit, please inquire.