Caring For Expectant Mothers

The businesses in our building offer many services for expectant mothers.  MCA works with women using acupuncture to prepare the body both physically and mentally for the demands of childbirth.  Cream City Chiropractic does adjustments to help the pelvis stay in optimal position for birth.  Our massage therapists can open the muscles and tendons in the abdomen and hips and Saffron Yoga teaches prenatal yoga classes to balance the mind body and spirit in this demanding time.  The follow article showcases another service we offer here in our building for our soon to be moms.

Preparing For Childbirth With Hypnosis

Noor’s Light offers hypnosis for a broad range of client needs at MCA. Science has long supported Hypnosis as a powerful tool to facilitate health and wellbeing. It is useful in many healthcare environments for pre and post medical treatment; to aid body/mind/emotions and spirit in the healing process; to eliminate stress, anxiety and “old” unhealthy habits; and establish a strong focus on positive lifestyle change.

Although you can treat yourself to a relaxing session anytime there is a growing interest in the benefits of hypnosis support for natural childbirth labor and delivery. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help prepare expectant mothers for a pleasant successful birthing experience. It is a well known fact that tension and fears can increase feelings of pain. Fears, anxiety, and pain can be reduced through skills learned during hypnosis. 

Hypnosis for Childbirth preparation is a gentle, calming way to train the brain to relax while the body and baby work together. Hypnosis for childbirth consist of three 70 minute sessions meeting once per week for 3 consecutive weeks during the final 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, allowing a couple of weeks before due date for home practice.  Clients learn a simple self-hypnosis techniques to assure ongoing positive reinforcement while practicing at home.

Mothers report feeling more relaxed and self-confident and having less fearful thoughts about the coming birth. They enjoy better sleep and more energy during the last weeks of pregnancy and feel more prepared for bringing their baby into the world.

For more information or to begin your Hypnosis for childbirth please call Noor at 414-732-6041.