Your Role in Community Acupuncture

Two questions we are often asked are: “What does community acupuncture mean?” and “How are you able to offer treatments on a sliding scale?”  We thought we’d spend time on these two questions since their answers tend to go hand in hand.

POCA describes community acupuncture as providing acupuncture “within a context of accessibility created by consistent hours, frequent treatments, affordable services, and lowering all the barriers to treatment that we possibly can, for as many people as possible, while continuing to be financially self-sustaining.”  This means we want to treat as many people as possible for as little cost to you as possible while still being able to pay the bills!

Those of you that have been to our clinic know this access to affordable acupuncture means we have multiple treatment chairs in two rooms.  We often have two acupuncturists working at the same time. We also allow you to CHOOSE what you will pay since we want acupuncture to be affordable for as many people as possible. What you may not know is that our acupuncturists see patients EVERY TEN MINUTES! You may wonder, “Am I still getting the best treatment I can?” The answer is, “Yes! We truly believe you are!”

Before you even arrive for your appointment your acupuncturist has reviewed your chart.  This includes going over notes from your previous treatments and the types of treatments that were administered.  By the time you are snuggled into your favorite recliner your acupuncturist has a good idea of your progress and treatment plan.  After you fill your acupuncturist in on how things have been progressing they administer the treatment as efficiently as possible.  By the time you are settling in for some quiet, your acupuncturist is probably already talking to their next patient.

So how can you ensure you get the most out of each appointment? Turning off your cell phone when you arrive and speaking softly are great ways to prepare yourself to relax. It is also crucial to arrive at or before your appointment time.  Being late means you might not get the attention you want from your acupuncturist, someone else will have to wait to be seen, or we may not be able to treat you at all!

To clarify we have updated our lateness policy to ensure everyone gets the most out of each appointment.

Lateness Policy

If you miss your appointment time (10 or more minutes late) you can be seen by the same practitioner with whom you had your original appointment, if they can fit you in.  If they are fully booked you may be able to see another practitioner if there are openings.  If no appointments are available you will need to reschedule your appointment.