Acupuncture has truly given me back my life. I have suffered terrible pain accompanied by headaches from a car accident. I did every conventional medical treatment short of surgery, and the doctors had suggested that. I started acupuncture last July and am amazed at my progress. I am SO grateful to everyone at MCA for healing & kindness. I strongly recommend acupuncture treatment to help with pain and to relax; prepare to be amazed! I wish I could get everyone to try it!
— Anonymous
Milwaukee Community Acupuncture saved my life! I was having terrible migraine headaches for over a year - had tried every medication from doctors to no avail. I finally came here and within weeks my headaches were gone for good!
— Debra
Awesome, best relaxing place to be any day of the week!
— Anonymous
I always feel so much better after every treatment. My aches and pains are gone! I feel so rested! I feel like the 1 hour of treatment is like 8 hours of sleep. I highly recommend acupuncture to all for good health.
— Jean
I am so happy to have discovered Milwaukee Community Acupuncture! You really can’t beat the affordable price, relaxing and clean atmosphere, and such kind and caring people who are there to help. I leave each treatment feeling totally relaxed and stress-free. Acupuncture has helped me ease my aches and pains, decreased my anxiety, and helped me to sleep better at night. I have been treated by Amy, Olive and Anna, who are all fantastic. Thanks Milwaukee Community Acupuncture!
— Emily
I am 33 and encountered a life threatening (and life altering) brain injury back in 2012, and as a result have suffered frequent migraines (multiple per week) and chronic neck pain. I tried several medications only to find that I was tired all the time, and still in pain! I came to the conclusion I did not want to be medicated - the medication didn’t work for me and it altered who I was.

I thought, I’ll give Acupuncture a shot - but I was a little skeptical. I first tried it in a hospital-like setting - at $100 a pop. That was just not sustainable for me. But after one session I knew I wanted to do it again. That’s when someone suggested Milwaukee Community Acupuncture (MCA) to me. Within a couple short weeks, acupuncture significantly helped me manage the frequency and intensity of the migraines I was having. It has also helped me “relax” which does wonders for the mind after a traumatic event like mine. And at MCA it is affordable, comfortable and the staff are some of the kindest people I have met. I have been going there for nearly a year now.

I get so passionate when I talk about acupuncture now, how it has helped me - and continues to do so. Not only do I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone with pain, stress, nausea, etc. but Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is hands down just an awesome business with a wonderful staff! Anyone who says “I’m afraid of needles”, do yourself a favor and get that out of your head. I was that person and now I look back and think how silly that was. It does not hurt! Acupuncture can change your life. And MCA makes it possible.

Thank you Olive and Susan - and all the staff at MCA. You are truly amazing people and an amazing company.
— Erin